Couples and Threesomes

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Exploring with couples (trouples or more)

Working with a sea of bodies makes me feel ephemeral

I like to think of myself as a couples conniseur. Couples bookings really are my absolute favourite. I simply adore the plethora of human expressions of sexuality and often when I work with couples I get to explore engaging in a very special unique and private form of intimacy. I feel privileged to be a part of your sexual expansion within your relationship with your partner/wife/lover/friend/mistress. Not many individuals get to see a slither into the way that other peoples sexual relationships are enacted and I truly thrive on working to create the experience you dream of.

I have worked with couples that are experienced with threesomes and seeing escorts and those who have never delved into the world of multiplicity before and I can assure you that I will listen, hold space and answer all of your questions. I am truly a queer bisexual and enjoy the company (and sex) of all genders, abilities, races, religions and sexualities.

If you are keen to find out a little bit more about the pleasure we can create together, please read a couples testimonial.


1.5 hours (this is the minimum amount of time in which we an all feel comfortable and relaxed and enjoy the intimacy of one another)- $750

2 hours - $1000

3 hours - $1500

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