Dominant GFE

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A Dominant Girlfriend Experience

Have you always wanted a dominant sexual encounter? Allow me to chaperone you towards ecstasy and debauchery

How I session

I am an expert in touch, in looks and in drawing your deepest desires out of you. I want to take control of your wildest fantasies and shape them with you in moments of infatuation and intoxication. I know how to touch you, how to pull you towards me and just how breathy you like your tete-a-tetes. I am the woman you always dreamed of controlling your every want and desire, combining my expertise of seduction and domination to give you goosebumps from beginning to end of our time together.

I thoroughly enjoy social outings and controlling every proceeding. I will order for you, tell you when to eat, how many chews per mouthful, when to drink, what to drink, when to talk, when you can look at me...

What a session looks like

Although I may stand at a pint-sized 5'3" without my stilettos on (although I do prefer to keep them on!), I am a sexual force of nature in the bedroom. Besides being skilled in the art of seduction, I'm also a house of domination trained Professional Dominatrix. I know how to make your body take and feel things it did not think possible – so be prepared for an energetic wrestle on the sheets before you pin me down. What happens next is up to you...

As a naturally curious, playful and sexually confident temptress, I love experiencing authentic sensuous luxurious new sensations with lovers... whether that be the tickle of a feather, the sweet sting of my palm as it connects with your arse, or perhaps even the strangely arousing feeling of cake being smeared on naked flesh as I give you a sweet and slippery body slide that you will never forget.

How we work together

I have had the pleasure of experiencing many incredible life experiences and travel adventures, I am university educated and I have studied narrative therapy and have lived in four countries and experienced many cultures. These experiences have given me the ability to connect with people from all walks of life. This, added with the fact that I genuinely love exploring what makes people tick, means I am able to create depth, connection and ultimately, an unforgettable experience.

I welcome people of all ages (above legal consenting age), genders, sexualities, races, religions, ethnicities, abilities and aim to create a deliciously comfortable, erotic space to allow us to relax and live our your desires.

If you are keen to look a little deeper into the abyss of pleasure and pain, please read my dominant GFE testimonial.

Think of me as a canvas for your imagination...


+Dominant GFE/BDSM

  • 1 hour - $700 (all outcalls incur an additional $50 travel fee charge, above the price listed and are for a minimum of 1 hour)

  • 1.5 hours - $1000

  • 2 hours - $1200

  • 3 hours - $1500

+ Dinner, Whisky, Theatre or Spa Dates

If you've read many of my tweets or blogs, you will have seen that I am a huge fan of both food and whiskey. Let me plan an adventure with you where I order the food at one of the most delicious Sydney restaurants or pick our whiskey at the best whiskey bar in the city of your choice.

  • 3 hour Whiskey date 1 hour tippling spirits and 2 hours of delicious play - $1300. Read more about my love of whisky here.

  • 4 hour Dinner date 2 hours dinner and 2 hours of delicious playful desert - $1500

  • 3-4 hour Theatre date- 2-3 hours at the theatre (meet me for a whisky beforehand if you would like and lets debrief in the interval) plus one hours play time $1200

  • 3-4 hour Spa date- 2-3 hours treatment at a spa plus one hours delicious play time $1200

+ Overnight (12 hours)

  • $3500

Please note that an overnight requires 5 hours of uninterrupted sleep and a tumeric soy latte upon waking up.