Friends & Delicious Partners in Crime

I have some truly delicious friends and partners in crime and would love for them to join us in a kinky or romantic adventure.
Imagine two or more of us exploring your kinks or submission and enjoying you!

Lila Payne
Australia Wide

I first saw Lila explaining impact play to some friends at a party and was immediately drawn to her breadth of knowledge and precision. I kept on bumping into her at kink events and we discovered that each other shared our fetish of sploshing. Lila is a multifaceted fetishist and an erotic tease and a feast for the eyes.

Mistress Tahlia, wrestling queen

Mistress Tahlia
Sydney, Australia Wide

Mistress Tahlia was one of the first mistresses I met when I begun my training at Temple22. Not only was she incredibly skilled but she is an expert session wrestler, having won division championships (irl not just vs clients). She's an impeccable dresser and a joy to work under, around and with. She's a versatile player with over a decade of experience in the BDSM scene.

mistress Tokyo, independent mistress, bondage, shibari, total enclosure, roleplays, medical scenes, sensory deprivation, Sydney, melbourne

Mistress Tokyo
Sydney, Australia Wide

I first met Mistress Tokyo at OzKinkFest where she was an educator on CBT, Full Enclosure/Sensory Deprivation and Takedown Bondage. She is hugely dedicated to her BDSM offerings and is wonderful to both session with and learn from. She has, hands down, the best independent dungeon I have had the pleasure of working from. Her role plays are exquisitely fun. She has also been in the industry 18 years and you can tell from working with her that she still lives and breaths from the joy her work brings her.

Miss Penelope Dreadful
Sydney, International

Miss Penelope Dreadful is one of the first people I met when deciding to work professionally in the adult industry. I've played along side her at The Domina Parties where I have throughly enjoyed her playful nature whilst executing the most delicious discipline. 


master jaiden lillith

Jaiden Lillith
Sydney, Australia Wide

Jaiden is a wonderful sadist, truly. We met at kink event and I had heard and seen photos of Jaiden's impressive rope work (he's something of a shibari aficionado). We have done some fabulous cuckolding and coaxed bi sessions together. Who do you think is the good cop, and who is the bad cop? 


Robin Ardeur
NYC, SF, International

Robin and I met in play party in London after following each other online for a while and immediately hit it off. She is a delicious babe who I have traveled internationally to see, has many years experience as a professional Dom and kink connisseur. We play very well together.


Domina Gala Vanting

Gala Vanting
Sydney, Australia Wide

Gala's dedication to the kink community was evident before I had a chance to meet her in person. Her excellent whit and attention to detail is astonishing as is her remarkable kink space. She is an excellent curator of her craft.


corrine Bdsm hobart, watersports, hard sports, kinky, escort, touring fetish, cane, crop, boot fetish, handcuffs

Hobart, Australia Wide

Corrine and I met over coffee in Hobart. She is utterly fabulous and quick and witty. We immediately bonded over whiskey and she has exquisite taste in everything. I have really enjoyed her tech, photography, editing and antique taste. She is a through and through kinkcter and a joy to spend time with. 


Valerie august

Valerie August
London, NYC, International

Valerie and I met through Robin at a delicious kink party. I had been following her (incredibly hilarious and delicious) Twitter for some time and she is even more splendid in person. Valerie is a well versed switch and deviant kinky companion.