Fantasy Foot Fetish and Trampling session

You walk in naked and lie down on the mat on the floor. I am standing above you, I tower over you and you can feel my omnipotent presence close enough to make you feel rigidly afraid. I stay close to your head and I can feel you squirm a little and breathe deeply, almost panting with anticipation. 

I know where you'd want me to place my feet, I know where you secretly want me to, even though it will cause you unnecessary discomfort and pain, due to my delicious, glistening 6” patent leather boots. 

At least I am not wearing stilettos this time. It starts of genteelly with one shoe placed above your sternum, this cartilage is small and yet not as fragile as one images. It holds me well. The second foot is placed more sharply on your stomach and you become my human surf board for a few moments and I begin to practice my squats. I now instruct you to place your hands over your eyes so you have only anticipation with which to guess what I will be doing next.

I place my full weight from your stomach to your chest and lift one foot and state ‘lick the sole of my shoe clean’… You dutifully accept and taste where I have adventured and journeyed over the last few days. I take off the shoe and you discover the scent in my shoe, this excites you tremendously 

I have deliciously delicate small feet, beautiful manicured and soft. You start to question their size wondering how the like to be worshiped, adored, loved and tickled. I instruct you carefully, you listen attentively and follow my service instructions with glee. I correct you and you will all your concentration towards creating just the right sensations for me to enjoy. You are dedicated to my pleasure.

Now I want to see how much of my foot you can fit in your mouth, the foot massage and worship is over, how do these petite feet look when you are gagging on them? Does this make me laugh? Are you enjoying being my submissive? Whatever shall I do next?

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