Sleazy massage therapist- an erotically charged role play

Hello, I am Miss Tallula and I am a fully qualified and highly experienced and qualified massage therapist. I bet you've been to a massage therapist before and wished that her hands would sneak up the towel and devour what was under neath but you've never been able to ask for it?

You come in to see me and talk of your ailments, you have a sore back and you haven't been sleeping well and I am wearing an outfit that shows just too much cleavage. You feel hot and bothered as I ask you questions about your previous injuries and diet and get you to fill out the necessary paperwork and when I leave you to change you wonder if you will be able to fit in a quick break to the bathroom to sort yourself out.

I return and begin using my expertly tuned hands to read your body. You start on your back and I tuck in the towel a little too tight and my hands begin wondering up the towel as I stroke your legs and back, I discover that you are not wearing any underwear and my hands wander further, around your arse and down to your perinium. This is not the massage you were expecting but it is driving you wild...

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