Good communication gets my attention- introducing my online booking system

It also gets me all hot and bothered

Communication, it is the most important thing in any relationship. Without good rapport so much is lost in translation or simply misunderstood.

When reaching out to me initially, it is best to try to put summarise what type of emotions you might want to feel and tell me a little (or quite a bit without it being an essay, a shopping list or a script) about what you are wanting to experience.

I have been fortunate that many people trust me loose their BDSM and power exchange virginity too. I revel in being able to offer and explore these initial forays with individuals. However, everyone's experiential pathways are different- you might want to utterly submit to someone for the first time or conversely, you may wish to delve into a science fiction role play and know which characters you want each of us to play. However, without telling me these fantasies or inklings, or giving me your words, I cannot create the most ideal experience for us both to explore in.

Unfortunately I am not a mind reader, I want you to tell me if something makes you hot under the collar or not, this is the time I encourage you to most profusely use your words, groans or whispers. I can read your body language but your toes curling could be an intense feeling of pleasure or the sharp reaction to pain, sometimes they look very similar (sometimes they are very similar).

To aid us create the best communication and rapport we can before a session begins I have begun using a online booking scheduler which you can use to book time with me and fill out the corresponding questionnaire. This ensures, that I will have all the equipment you desire for your booking and that you can tell me about any medical conditions you might have. Some things that are covered on this questionnaire are: what sensation are you most wanting to experience; tell me a little bit about your previous experience and things you have or have not enjoyed; are there parts of your body you really do not like being touched; are you on any medication that I should know about. It is ok if you forget things but this allows me to ensure that I am prepared as well as possible for each session... Also this online booking system allows you to book me in advance on my tours and to see where I am touring until the end of the year!

I am aware that I work with people who like to communicate in a variety of different manners, from those who prefer to text to those who prefer email. For the time being I will leave my email and phone number on my website (I prefer SMS to phone calls in case you were wondering), but I am hoping to be mainly online scheduling in the future. I will always request a phone call with new clients prior to any session as this allows you to ask any questions and for me to hear your voice, an important part of rapport building for me.

So please, peruse my new system and come and explore with me...