Domination through breathing


Breath, breathing and succumbing

Spellbinding and distilling, I walk into the room. 

You await my presence, I walk around you, you are naked besides my feet, on your hands in knees, head bent, eyes closed. You are listening to and awaiting every metal heel on floor board step I take.

I inspect you, I begin to control you I move my hands around your body, correcting your posture, ensuring your head is in the position I wish it to be, neutral neck, neutral spine. You move as I command, if you do not, there will not be the rewards which you so desperately crave, in fact quite the opposite.

I place my head besides yours, breathing deeply into your ears “Follow my lead”. Deep, long, expansive breaths, opening all your diaphragms and creating a sensation of giddiness, exuberance and serenity. 

Shorter breaths, longer breaths, staccato, crescendo, you follow my lead. You can taste the submission and it’s illuminating. Intoxicatingly we begin our session, concentrating on the sensations present in your body, distilling the individual sensations as each of your senses is heightened and removed.

This is all before you are officially collared and become mine.

Breathing breathwork australian english domination submission Mistress Tallula Darling