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The biggest gift you can give me, is is time with you, exploring one another or visiting an opera or a gallery. However, I do like being treated like a Princess...

I would love some paid appointment time with either of my tattoo artists, one is in the US, one in the UK. Please message me if you would like to sponsor some work.

+ Tech and Gadgets

Maybe you have followed me on social media and if so you might know that I am a nerd for both gadgets and tech in general (also I am a total security and privacy obsessive, ask me about which VPN I used or which password manager I prefer (or sponsor mine). Want to see me blog more, see more photos or enable me to enjoy my life more with better tech (such as an apple watch) then please do buy me a gift listed below:

+ Memberships/gift cards to arts and cultural institutions

If you've read many of my tweets or blogs, you will have seen that I am a huge fan of arts and cultural activities, be it contemporary dance, opera, art galleries. The below arts institutions are based in Sydney and I frequent often, why not indulge me or take me to something put on by them?

  • MCA (membership)

+ Spa Treats

Anyone reading my twitter can see how much pleasure I get out of relaxation, an ultimate gift would be to paper me…

  • QT SpaQ Gift Voucher (or would you like to come on a spa date with me there instead, they have a steam, sauna, hot & cold pool)

+ Islay Whiskys

If you've read many of my tweets or blogs, you will have seen that I am a huge fan of both food and whiskey. Indulge us both by bringing a bottle of my favourite whisky to a session or sending me one and I will send you a photo and my tasting notes. I have not listed all the independent bottlings which I would be interested in trying, as there are a great deal of them (for example The Scotch Malt Society or The Boutiquey Whisky Company) but if you find one and think I will enjoy it, I am open to trying new flavours.

  • Samaroli Wild and Primitive Coal Ila My all time favourite whiskey. No longer available anywhere other than auction. This whiskey was an independent bottling of Coal Ila's 1998 whiskey. Peaty and just extraordinary, made by the now deceased master distiller Samaroli.
  • Octomore 6.1 The most heavily peated of all Octomore's this 5 year old is firingly ferocious! Octomore is the most peated whiskey to date (highest part per million of peat (PPM). They're made by Bruichladdie, an Islay distillery.
  • Octomore 7.1 First tried at my favourite bar, Baxters Inn and my introduction to Octomore, this whiskey has a kick and a burn and initially I did not like it and now it is a firm favourite. Not for the feint hearted.
  • Octomore 7.3 First tried in Orange, NSW this is a wonderfully full bodied peaty monster. Has a slight burn and some hints of orange.
  • Octomore 8.2 The latest Octomore's to add to ones collection. A little more subtle but still a great deal of kick and a little sweeter than the rest of the Octomore family. Only available in duty free.
  • Octmore 9.1 I have just discovered the release of the latest Octomore's and I have, as yet, to try any. Octomore's are the most heavily peated whisky's currently available and I cannot wait to see what these drams taste like.
  • Kilchoman Original Cask Strength I had never tried cask strength whiskey until I had the Laphroaig 10 year old Cask Strength at Baxters Inn. They are unique and very powerful and this Kilchoman is no exception to this rule. Strong and delicious.
  • Kilchoman Red Wine Cask I have has yet to try this but I really enjoy anything by the Kilchoman distillery, the youngest distillery in Islay.
  • Kilchoman Loch Gorman you can see this bottle in the background of my header image of this page. I am savouring the last few drops of this bottle but it is almost finished and I look forward to having another in my whiskey cabinet. Strongly peated and wonderful.
  • Laphroaig Brodir as with all Laphroaig's this is a heavily peated blend, matured in bourbon and port casks and with a douse of peat.Laphroaig Lore my second favourite Laphroaig, only topped by the Laphroaig 10 year old cask strength, the Lore is aged between 7 and 21 years and is barrelled in 5 unique casks. Truly excellent.
  • Laphroaig Triple Wood this was the first whiskey I was ever gifted and is still a firm favourite. More subtle than the 10yr standard of Laphroaig's but wonderfully tasty. I hope it won't be my only bottle.
  • Laphroaig Lore this is joint favourite Laphroaig, along with the 10 year old cask strength. I often like the non aged expressions as they are more playful, they often use alternative barreling techniques and have distinctly new flavours. Also I know that these expressions are often limited editions which is really exciting.
  • Compass Box Co's Peat Monster First tried in Duck Soup in Soho, London, it is truly smokey and delicious made by a distillery who tries to redefine the spectrum of whiskey.
  • Arbeg's Ardbog everything by Ardbeg is delicious, they are one of my favourite distilleries and visiting Islay is top of my most wanted places to go to. Read more about whiskey travel dreams and obsession (Currently out of stock)
  • Ardbeg's Dark Cove This is more smokey than the Ardbog and is matured in sherry casks, like the Quarter Cask, my favourite of Laphroaig's whiskey non age statements. (Currently out of stock)
  • Ardbeg's Supernova when I first sampled this drink I did not believe it to be peaty enough, perhaps this is because it was after drinking an Octomore (which has the highest PPM of any whiskey) but recently I had the opportunity to re-try this and it is certainly impressive. No longer available in most stores, so please do buy it for me if you can find it (here is someone selling it as part of their private collection, hence the large price tag)

Play Room Furniture
Fetters Whipping and Spanking bench (or almost any whipping/spanking bench would be utterly desirable, think of all the fun we could have together using it)

5 Star Tesla Violet Wand

Native Point's Pinot Noir

Agent Provocateur
Baby Likes to Pony - bras - 12F, underwear L

Commes de Garcons
Alexander McQueen
Vivenne Westwood

Christian Louboutin (EU 38)
Mui Mui (EU 38)
Vivenne Westwood (especially anything made with Melissa)

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Max Black

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