Welcome, I'm glad you've found me...

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Hello, I am Miss Tallula Darling...

I am Miss Tallula Darling, English Dominatrix, Couples Connoisseur and Dominant Girlfriend Experience. Pleasure and pain of all kinds are my elixir of delight.

It is fabulous you've found me and I cannot wait to lead you through your fantasies, into my colourful world of sensuality and eroticism.

As Your Striking English Dominant

Hailing from London, the fetish capital of the world, I have spent years building up a wealth of personal experience within the fetish community. My sessions are always unique, unforgettable and of course, completely customised to your comfort level, limits and interests; but rest assured, I am always in charge. Perhaps you want to explore sploshing with me - a whole mass of colour, texture and sensation. Or maybe you are inclined towards an intense school girl role play? My many years at an English boarding school add a plethora of detail into these encounters.

Curious? Allow me to give you the guided tour into my alternative reality of seductive ecstasy and the sublime...

More about my Dominatrix sessions.

As Your Dominant Kinky GFE

Haven't you always wanted a woman who really knows what she wants to seduce you and take control? Someone who can read your body language, understands the subtitles of desires? Can watch the minute details of your pupils moving as you become entranced and her touch gives you the lightest of goosebumps which she is aware of? Someone who can create a hurricane of passion in which you are devoured? I am what you have been looking for, I know what we both want and I would be delighted to show you just how good and sexy submission to a dominant lover can be.

More about my Dominant GFE sessions.

As Your Couples/Threesome Experience

I am truly in my element when I am with you and your partner/lover/friend. I enjoy reading your body language, kissing you whilst touching them, staring into your eyes as you watch me undress. I adore the conversation, the whiskey we share and the giggles we partake in. I am as much in my element as your dominating third person as I am having a bath with you both or teaching one of you to massage the other. I cannot wait to enable an exploration between the two of you and lead you in a new direction or allow you to explore sex in an undiscovered manner.

More about my Couples sessions

If you are new to kink and would like to read about what my sessions look like and the booking protocol and questions I will ask you to prepare for the session, please read my blog here

I am truly interested in the plethora of the human experience be that sexual, gender, ability or personality. I am truly queer and bisexual. I adore the company of all genders, multiple genders, gender non-binaries and all sexes. I enjoy couples bookings as much as I enjoy solo adventures.

Let's explore, get lost, adventure together. Come and enjoy a creative, seductive temptress in her element. 

What are you waiting for? I promise I don't bite (hard, unless you'd like me to). x