Dominatrix, Fantasy and Fetish Services

Miss Tallula Darling kinky escort, tattooed femdom, Pro Domme,  Mistress, BDSM dominatrix, painted lady

Dominatrix, Fantasy and Fetish Services

Think of me as a canvas for imagination and deepest fantasies...

How I session

Sadistic yet sensual, playful and a purveyor of all things perverse. I specialise in...

I thoroughly enjoy social outings and controlling every proceeding. I will order for you, tell you when to eat, how many chews per mouthful, when to drink, what to drink, when to talk, when you can look at me...

What a session looks like

When I enter a room, you will find it impossible not to stare. From my striking blue eyes and perfectly turned curves, to my exquisite tattoos and infectious laugh, I am a British Mistress who comes with an air of mystery... but one thing is for sure – a single session with me will have you leaving the dungeon intoxicated and completely addicted.

As a lover of all things sensual and kinky, you will find that I adore working with couples, I want to bring you more into your kinks and explore the work which awaits there, I promise to be your most delicious sensual dominant with an ability to read peoples needs, wants and desires.

How we work together

My strengths lie in coaxing your deepest fantasies from the shadows of your mind and bringing them to life in the shadows of my dungeon. I am an extremely open-minded and non-judgemental Mistress, and consider myself allergic to the mundane! I have a deep-seated craving and desire to explore, play and dabble in the non-normative. Submit to me and my world and in return, I promise to safely and seductively take you on an unforgettable journey that will see you dragged through the wilds of eroticism and subservience. Whether you are a newcomer to kink, or have earned your BDSM stripes, I welcome people of all ages (above legal consenting age), genders, sexualities, races, religions, ethnicities, abilities and aim to create a deliciously comfortable, kinky space to allow you to live out your deepest desires.
If you are keen to look a little deeper into the abyss of pain and pleasure, please read a few of my testimonials.

Think you can handle more than "just" me... Double Domination, triples or more...

I adore working with other Dominatrixes, Masters and Fetish workers in both Australia and Internationally.
Please find my a list of esteemed colleagues.

If you are new to kink and would like to read about what my sessions look like and the booking protocol and questions I will ask you to prepare for the session, please read my blog here

Think of me as a canvas for your imagination...


+ Sessions

  • 1 hour - $500 (all outcalls incur an additional $50 travel fee charge, above the price listed here and are for a minimum of 1 hour)
  • 1.5 hours - $750
  • 2 hours - $900
  • 3 hours - $1250

+12 hours (all day or overnight)

  • $3500

+ Whiskey Dates and Dinner Dates

If you've read many of my tweets or blogs, you will have seen that I am a huge fan of both food and whiskey. Let me plan an adventure with you where I order the food at one of the most delicious Sydney restaurants or pick our whiskey at the best whiskey bar in the city of your choice. Read more about my love of whisky here.

  • 3 hour Whiskey date 1 hour tippling spirits and 2 hours of delicious play - $1100

  • 4 hour Dinner date 2 hours dinner and 2 hours of delicious playful desert - $1300

+ Couples, Trouples or More...

I throughly adore seeing couples and I am entirely queer and pansexual and would love to see you no matter what your age, race, gender, ethnicity or religion. I am also wholeheartedly in support of alternative relationship structures and would love to see you as a couple, trouple, or more...

Please add a further $200 onto the cost of any booking per person (who knows, there could be three (or more) of you)...

If you are keen to find out how well I play with others please read my couples testimonial

+ Fly Me To You or Exclusive Arrangements

Just can't get enough of me? Wanting more time with me than the lengths listed above? Want to whisk me away on holiday with you or for me to accompany you to an international business meeting? Please see my Fly Me To You or Exclusive Arrangements pages for further info on more luxurious time together.

+ Skype/Facetime Sessions

I have excellent phone manners and throughly enjoy conduction Skype sessions with those unable to serve me from my present location.

  • 30 minutes $150

  • 1 hour $300

+ Phone Sessions

As stated above I have excellent phone manners (many years of being a public servant secretary amongst other things) and would be delighted to conduct phone sessions with those who cannot visit me in person

  • 30 minutes $130

  • 1 hour $250