This is what others have said about me...

From R
July 2019

It all started with Sir Claire’s tweet: “Had such a fun day hanging out with @Miss_Tallula. … who's going to be our first plaything?” Well, how could anyone turn down such an invitation? I have known Sir Claire for some while but the prospect of submitting to two Domme’s is something special. I spent some time studying Miss Tallula’s  various websites to glean some insight and found a fun loving, relaxed, genuine and clearly very skilled professional. Time to book – three people is always harder than two with diaries and venues but a few emails later and all done. 

Sir Claire and I met for dinner to catch up and Miss Tallula joined us. We then set off for the beautiful Peacock Parlour; one of my favourite venues; you should try it (if you can find a free slot in the diary!). These two ladies can be a wicked pair together, pushing each other and their sub. Working in tandem the assault can be relentless yet fun. This was the first time I have ever been asked to do a striptease for two Dommes but we had a good laugh together. This was followed by some standing, sitting, laid over the flogging bench, in the medical chair; there were many activities. Each of these beautiful ladies has particular preferences and they used them to work together. Miss Tallula had some particularly intimate things she wanted to try with her gloved hand and oh what an experience. That’s probably enough for your fertile imagination out there – if ever you get the opportunity to play with these two stunning ladies then I highly recommend booking quickly.

Thank you both for an amazing evening. Until next time…

From P
June 2019

I had my first meeting with Miss Tallula recently when she visited my city, after booking over a month ahead with her incredibly efficient online system. I booked a 3 hour whiskey date, which I highly recommend. Getting to learn a little about this fascinating woman over a couple of fine whiskies is a perfect introduction, especially when you are nervous like I was, being fairly inexperienced to the world of kink.

Our session afterwards included everything I requested, as well as a few welcome twists and surprises that kept me guessing and deliciously on edge.

Throughout I was constantly being challenged and pushed beyond my comfort zone, but never too far so that I was overly uncomfortable.

Miss Tallula's great experience, empathy and situational awareness was obvious throughout. Take my advice, put aside any hesitation you have, and jump in the deep end with the addictive Miss Tallula. You will have an experience that you will want to repeat.

From T & T
May 2019

My wife and I were visiting Sydney and while browsing I knew when my wife saw Tallula that is what she would want for her birthday. I was right, she has a thing for tattoos and had been wanting to try a few things like strap-on play and other light kink. Tallula did not disappoint. She came to us and brought a plethora of fun things to try out, and we spent our time pleasuring my wife over and over again while testing out all sorts of toys and sensation devices. Would definitely recommend Tallula if you are looking for someone to expand your horizons and find out what you like.

From R
May 2019

I have booked Tallula several times (she is rather addictive) and one of the things I absolutely love is being crushed by her. People refer to it crushing, squishing, squashing or trampling, and there is something amazing and blissful about feeling her weight on top of you. Because Tallula is a trained masseuse and a highly experience dominatrix, she has an excellent understanding of anatomy and knows what they are doing. If this is something that you might be interested in, I strongly recommend that you try it. But be warned: the feeling of being crushed underneath Miss Tallula is very addictive indeed!

From R
Apr 2019

During a previous booking Miss Tallula mentioned that she used to do a lot of rock climbing. I used to rock climb too, so I booked Tallula for a climbing date at a local climbing gym. I love hanging out and conversing with Tallula almost as much as I love playing with her, so it’s great to do social bookings. We had a great time at the climbing date and then we went to a play space where she did a beatdown on me.

Tallula beat me up and made me cry and it was exactly what I needed. She blogged about it on her web page and it’s worth reading. Tallula is a master at what she does. I have been doing BSDM and other kinky things for over 20 years but it is very rare to encounter someone as skilled as Tallula. Not only is Tallula an expert at things like flogging someone, fisting them, or beating them up, she is also expert at reading people and understanding things like the energies and flows of a scene, and aftercare. These things can be just as important.

After the beatdown, Tallula held me while I cried, offered me some water, and asked me what my body needed. She also touched base with me a bit later. By being able to trust Miss Tallula so much, I have had the chance to have some amazing and cathartic experiences.

From V
Jan 2019

I'm totally new to BDSM. I contacted Miss Tallula in the hope of finally scratching my itch.

She was super nice via email and text and I immediately felt comfortable. When she rang to give me directions to the place of spanking I was struck by her beautiful melodic voice which put me at ease.

When Miss Tallula opened the door in an impeccable Headmistress outfit I was very pleased and even more excited. Bear in mind Ilmy body had been tingling since my appointment was confirmed the day before. Miss Tallula is quite beautiful with the brightest eyes you've ever seen and a luscious body (I'll get extra punishment if I say more). She immediately put me, Very Naughty Boy, in my place, firmly but kindly.

I was nervous, and I'm not a nervous person in my every day life, but Miss Tallula knows how to focus you on the task at hand, which was atoning and being thoroughly punished for my very bad behaviour.

I was a naughty schoolboy and when the first slap landed on my bottom I knew I needed it. My spanking escalated in small increments from hand to ruler to tawse. In between Miss Tallula used different touches, from the lightest tickle of her nails on my back and legs and stinging bottom, to firmer strokes and pinches and tickles with a furry paddle. I couldn't control myself - my body shuddered at each different touch.

In the middle I was made to write lines and a letter of apology to the girls whose dresses I had been looking up.

And then it was time for my main punishment, the cane!

I was nervous and also bursting with anticipation. I hadn't had the pleasure since high school in the 80s.

We had selected 3 canes - all fairly light but progressively thicker. I was caned sometimes with single strokes with touching and scolding in between and sometimes six harder strokes in a row.
The sting was unbelievable, but surprisingly I wanted more and more and we moved through the 3 smaller canes and onto a couple of more serious ones.

To my surprise, each time she asked if I had learned my bnb lesson I said no, getting another 6 and another six, until finally I stood up holding my red hot arse.

Then Miss Tallula had me relax and breathe slowly and let it all sink in.

I was calmer and more centered than I have been in years. I'm loving the cane marks and the sensitivity when I sit down.
I've already planned my next session, which will be as soon as these stripes clear up.

Miss Tallula is amazing. If you're terrified of exploring this this I was, go to see her - it will be the best day of your life.

From D & I
Dec 2018

What better thing to do in the Xmas season than treat ourselves to a fun little present, and she came wrapped in such a sexy outfit and bearing the most wonderful experiences for us both, (oh and a magical bag of toys). Miss Tallula is one complete package; gentle positive attitude, naughty playful cheekiness, oh and those curves!  

As soon as the wife and I saw Miss Tallula's profile we knew that we simply must spend some time with her. A simple text message kicked things off and we were on the way, booking was easy and MT was super clear with her procedures to confirm the booking. We were both tingling with excitement after chatting on the phone where she asked us what we both liked and what sort of experiences we were after, we couldn't wait!

Anyway, enough of the boring admin review... We met in the hotel bar and in some ways I kind of felt sorry for the gentlemen on the table adjacent to ours, desperately trying to work out if Miss Tallula's outfit was that see through, while trying not look stare... Needless to say with my smokin' blonde wife and Miss Tallula on my table, I felt like a king, so many delicious curves!

After a couple of drinks we headed up to the room and MT unpacked her toy bag and started going though all of the possibilities for the next few hours, so exciting to see it all, but in some ways it was a little intimidating, the wife and I aren't vanilla by any stretch and love having fun, playing with toys and swinging every now and then, but her toy collection was vast! But any nerves quickly floated away with Miss Tallula's cool demeanour, we felt like we were in VERY safe hands whatever we got up to over the next little while... and there was plenty!

I went and showered and upon my return was greeted with the beautiful sight of Tullula exploring my wife, she truly is a lover of all people, and I could see she found my wife's buttons pretty quickly, and I didn't hesitate when she asked me to join in.

I'll skip the detailed rundown of the rest of the night, needless to say we both have memories that will last forever, and as my wife says "plenty of flashbacks in the fap bank!" Miss Tallula explored and took us both, as individuals and as a couple, to places we hadn't been before. With her experience, loving attitude, those killer curves and her box of toys, she is the absolute master of eroticism. Her service was unrushed, personal and present, and it was clear plenty of fun was had afterward as the room looked like a bomb had gone off in a sex shop!

We can't wait for the next time we treat ourselves to another Miss Tullula present, my mouth is watering just thinking of it!

From A
Dec 2018

So I saw that Miss Tallula was coming to Canberra I decided to making a booking and it was an amazing introduction to her world. Tallula is a master of her craft and after a brief chat she knew excatly what I needed even more than I knew! It was a turn on to not be the one in control, I’m a very tactile person so losing that option of touch after being cuffed to the frame in our time together was an interesting experience, and one I very much enjoyed. I’m thankful for the brief introduction and you’ve whet my appetite for more. 

From R
Dec 2018

I recently saw that Miss Tallula was visiting Canberra again and made my second booking. Tallula likes kinky clients which will hopefully mean that she visits Canberra more often!

Since Tallula is such a whisky nerd I decided to spend more time with her and book a whisky date. I had a fantastic perverted time and tried some whiskeys with an amazing smell, taste, and lingering finish. But drinking Tallula’s piss was even better. I loved its smell, taste, and lingering finish even more; and the intimacy of getting to taste her in that way.

Miss Tallula is also an incredibly skilled masseuse. A special memory is the feeling of her sitting on me and squashing me, so blissful. Being squished and stretched by her was fantastic. And when she pissed up my arse it was incredible.

From Big D
Dec 2018

This session took a long time to Happen! I love to indulge when I have a bit of time and enough funds to tip my toe into the water.
I booked a session and paid a deposit on line. Unfortunately I had to cancel, I let the Mistress know and said hang on to the deposit as I wanted to session with this particular Mistress. It took a year until the stars aligned and we were able to meet, and let me tell you it was so worth the wait, this lady is a sensation! I have sessioned with many of the best Mistress’s around and like to call them friends.

I am now so fortunate to have met Miss Tallula and to have trusted her with my wellbeing.
Well being a good submissive I trusted her with my safety while I gave her total control in the session.
I had no choice and no request, this was about Miss Tallula doing as she please and using me in whatever was she wanted!
WOW! Did she enjoy. She beat me and teased me and used so many implements of torture on me for almost two hours, giggling and laughing as she did so.

The sensual areas tortured and left beaten and tender after the session a reminder for the next few hours that I gave my all and stood firm for my Mistress, I kept offering and pushing myself to accept more and more to the delight of Miss Tallula.
The content smile and attitude after the most painful and intense ending to a session I have ever had said it all, this lady it a work of art.

From her impressive array of tattoos to her exquisite talents as a highly skilled dominatrix I am proud to say I survived and loved every minute of our encounter.
All I hope for now is that it doesn’t take another year for another opportunity to give this majestic being control of my body and soul for HER pleasure once again.
Forever in your debt for such a wonderful experience.
Until the next time I thank you from the bottom of my being.

From C
Nov 2018

Had an amazing experience with Miss Tallula on the weekend. I was fairly new to this but she definitely guided me towards what I wanted. The service wasn’t rushed, she did everything to make sure I was happy. She’s definitely passionate and loves what she does, super easy to talk to and get along with. Very professional.

From S&J
Nov 2018

Mistress Tallula is very professional and helped guide us relative newbies through the experience making us feel relaxed and comfortable. I would recommend her without hesitation particularly for those who may be hesitant and are new to the scene.

From R
Nov 2018

Miss Tallula is absolutely gorgeous and an amazing sexual being. She is really good at what she does and is a really nice person. 

I recently decided to spoil myself and made a booking via a form on her website. This allowed me to provide information about what sort of session I was interested in, as well as information such as kinks and limits. We had a more of a chat about these things before the session and during the session I had an absolutely fantastic time.

After seeing some of the amazing photos of her, I had fantasised about what her arm would feel like inside of me. During my booking I got to experience this when she fisted me halfway to her elbow. She also let me drink her piss and rim her. I loved doing all of these things.

Miss Tallula made me discover a fetish that I hadn’t really realised that I had (or at least I hadn’t quite realised the full extent of how hot it is). Earlier in the session we were on a bed and she was doing things like lie on top of me and sit on my back while her feet were holding my wrists down. She was also doing intimate things like kiss me and spit into my mouth in a very sensual way. The feeling of her weight on me, along with everything else, was incredible and put me into a blissed out state.

I would highly recommend Miss Tallula - after all, you only live once.

From S
Oct 2018

The time has come I returned from my European holiday and I was ready to have another session with Miss Tallula. After our last Sensual fisting massage session. I decided I wanted to have a domonatrix session and include strap on and fisting. I also realised 1 hr wasn’t enough so I decided to make the session 1.5hrs [ This was very important as you need more than 1 hour to let your brain relax fully].

I booked online using Miss Tallula website left a deposit and counted down the days until our session. Miss Tullula messaged me to come in and she had the door ready and was waiting. She looked amazing as always. For those of you that haven’t sessioned with with Miss Tallula she is better in person than her photos. Yes I know your asking yourself how is that possible well she is. We spoke about the session And decided what cocks I liked the look of I choose 2. And Miss Tallula asked me if there was anything else I would like to incorporate into our session. I mentioned I enjoyed breath play we spoke about what I had done in the past and she was like cool this will be fun. Then Miss Tallula sent me to shower and get ready.

She called me back to the room she had the massage table ready as well as the j lube ready for the fisting. After our last session Miss Tallula gave me a little J Lube to try and I tried it at home and loved it. So I asked if we could use it for the fisting. She also had Crisco ready for the strap on play as well. Miss Tallula then placed her hands around my neck and gently and with great skill cut off the blood to my head as I got closer to passing out she released and the blood rushed back in the feeling of euphoria is so good. She then sat on my chest and used her hands over my mouth and nose to cut off my air until the point that I struggled she held for a little while longer then released me she asked how I was and was everything good I said yes that was amazing. We kept going with the breath play I really enjoyed the breath play mostly when she was sitting on my chest as it makes breathing harder it was very. It was very different to any of the breath play I had done in the past. It was so good.  Miss Tallula asked  “Would you like to move onto arse play?” my reply “YES PLEASE hehehehehe”.

Miss Tallula Instructed me to breathe in the amyl I had brought for our session. I took some very deep breaths. My head started to pound. Miss Tallula applyed some crisco to her cock and a lot to my arse. She warmed me up with her fingers her touch is amazing. She then put on her harness with the first cock and slowly started to fuck my arse it felt so good when I took all of the cock. I love that feeling when your arse lets the cock in snd you feel every mm of the cock all the ridges as it slides in. When Miss Tallula felt I was ready she instructed me to breath in the amyl again. She started to fuck my nice slow thrusts just how I like it. When Miss Tallula thought I was warmed up enough she asked me “Would you like me to change to the larger cock ?” my reply was “Yes Please”. Miss Tallula then changed the cocks and this time the larger of the 2 cocks was in her harness. Miss Tallula covered the larger and thicker cock with crisco and placed it at the opening of my well lubricanted arse and she put a little pressure she instructed me to take 10 breaths of amyl and hold as long as I could. My arse relaxed and that thick cock slowly slide inside my arse. Damn and thoughts went thru my head. Damn I have this amazing tattooed mistress fucking my arse with a thick strap on cock I’m so lucky”. Miss Tallula then started to fuck my arse fuck it was so hot. Im taking instructions of what amyl to breath in and how long to hold it so dam hot. Miss Tallula decide she wanted to fist me. She then removed the cock and applied J lube to my arse and inside me. The feeling of J lube is so amazing so slippery its the best fisting lube there is. As Miss Tallula knew what I liked from our last session

I also gave her some instructions and people this is important as as good as Miss Tallula is she isn’t a mind reader only you know what your feeling something you liked last time might not feel as good, and something you didn’t like last session this time feels good. So tell Miss Tallula how you like it. Very soon Miss Tallula’s hand slipped past her knuckles and she my fisting my arse that feeling when your arse relaxes and lets her hand in is so much of a powerful feeling If you have never tried fisting but enjoy the stretching feeling with arse play try it with Miss Tallula you will not be disappointed. Again thoughts ran thru my head “I am being fisted by an amazing sexy tattooed mistress” We finished our session off when I was getting some very strong intense feeling of pleasure I asked Miss Tallula to stop. I felt so amazing Miss Tallula told me to relax for a little bit she got me a glass of water. Then she sent me to shower off As she had a little treat for me. I returned from the shower and she had 2 glasses ready filled with some of the Bruichladdich Octomore 10 Islay Single Malt Scotch Whisky that I gifted her. And she taught me how to enjoy a very peaty Whisky. Such a amazing way to finish of a very Unique Session.

From J
Oct 2018

Let me start by saying i am so lucky to have found Miss Tallula to take me on my adventure into kink. This session we explored sensory deprivation again while exploring my pain thresholds and reactions to different sensationx. Miss Tallula opened up another section of her tool kit and we played with nipple clamps, vampire gloves (which really got me going), various whips and different types of material. Miss Tallula also gave me a thorough spanking saying that i colour up well. 

My favorite toy was a wartenburg wheel. I recommend it, give it a try! Amazing. Miss Tallula then started some anal exploration but my state of excitement and the introduction of a vibrator sent me right over the top and i had a massive orgasm.

I cant wait for my next adventure with Miss Tallula, she is my trusted guide who provides me with a safe non judgemental place to explore my fantasies.

Thank you Miss Tallula cant wait for our next adventure!

From H
Oct 2018

It was my first experience with BDSM and I had it with Miss Tallula it was amazing there is so much to explore with her you will not get enough in your session I had 3 hours and it was not near enough I am so hooked.
I was a very last minute booking she took her time to sit down with me to get to know me before we started we tried all the the things that I was interested in and so so much more then I was expecting.
I highly recommend exploring sensual play and sensory deprivation with her. I recommend the vampire gloves so good and her hands could kill .
I highly recommend Miss Tallula to anyone wanting to explore BDMS seen or in it
Thanks for the amazing time

From M
Oct 2018

What an amazing first experience with Miss Tallula. She was very attentive to my needs, and was quite passionate. The anal orgasm OMG was unbelievable. A definite must for the novice and experienced. Will be seeing her again with my partner.

From J
Sept 2018

“I went for my second trip down the "rabbit hole" of kink with Miss Tallula last week and what a trip it was! The role play this time was that I had arrived early for a doctors appointment and he could not see me, so nurse Tallula would have to do my prostate check up. This caused nurse Tallula to have to miss most of her lunch break. Very unhappy nurse! To say the procedure for the prostate examination was unusual would be an understatement. Sensory deprivation, bondage, spanking, ensued heightening my arousal and pleasure. Then the prostate exam was conducted using a variety of implements. This nearly sent me over the top but nurse Tallula denied me mlm my release.

Then something happened to me that I can't quite explain, waves of pleasure and sensation ran through my mlm body for a minute or two and when everything came back into focusing was sort of floating. Nurse Tallula got me to relax and breath saying "you have just had a full body orgasm". All I can say is wow!! I have never had an experience like that before and when I told Miss Tallula that her reply was "that's why you come to the experts". That is a good summary of Miss Tallula, an expert in her field and a wonderful person. I can't recommend her enough of you are looking to explore your kink. Thank you Miss Tallula. Can't wait for my next adventure. J”

From A
Sept 2018

"My session today with my Mistress (Miss Tallula) was another amazing experience. This time there was no set plan, just let My Mistress weave her magic. When I first arrived she showed me the varies implements she had at her disposal and then she mentioned she could mummify me, my heart skipped a beat, one of my all-time fantasy’s. She tightly wrapped me up totally immobilising me. What an amazing sensation, an outer body experience. Being totally helpless at the mercy of My Mistress is something that I will long for until the next encounter. Thank you Miss Tallula you are awesome!

Till we meet Again, your slave .”

From J
August 2018

"Over the last 6 months I have found myself looking for something different in my exotic experiences. Finally I summoned up the courage to do something about it,so I jumped on scarlet blue and had a look. After a bit of research I picked Miss Tallula to as she says in her profile " take me for a trip down the rabbit hole". And what a trip it was! Tallula was very easy to contact and to set up a meeting. She showed great attention to detail and we had a good conversation about what I was looking in our session, health issues etc and what I would not be comfortable with. This helped to reassure me and settle my nerves. After a shower a massage was in order to settle my nerves and relax me. Wonderful start! I wont go into any more details from there as it is my own private memories. I will say that Tallula said I had the potential to be an "arse slut" . Imagine that!

I will say I highly recommend Miss Tallula for anyone looking to try something different. She is attentive, patient and seems to be able to just know what buttons to push and how hard. She is also just a lovely person to talk to.

Thank you Miss Tallula, looking forward to going on my next trip down the rabbit hole with you as my guide."

From R
July 2018

"I had the most amazing time on Saturday evening – thank you to you both. I enjoyed the ‘striptease’ more than I had expected, although knowing this was on the cards meant I was in the right headspace. A very good relaxing introduction/seduction. I always enjoy the tearing of clothing and I know Claire also relishes those moments. Over time she has found so many different ways to remove a shirt! and last night was no exception. The touch of four hands is always a turn on for me and I particularly remember the moment you trod on my foot for the first time. Another re-enforcement of your control. I tend to drift and last night was no exception so it’s difficult to pinpoint one particular moment during the ‘pole’ scene. I’m sure we could have spent more time playing with the chocolate and, of course, the continuing nipple attention is always a delight.

The time on the table passed so quickly. I couldn’t tell you exactly what Claire did with my cock, but at times the feeling was very intense and the sense of rock hardness beautifully strong. I guess the highlight was your exploration of my mouth, something I haven’t experienced before – the more fingers the better, the greater the exploration, the more I wanted. The Jennings again re-enforced your control. Electrics are always fun and this time was no exception – so easy to forget they are on! More nipple attention highlighted the work Claire was doing on my cock and was just superb. Your ability to manipulate by balls and scrotum is also strongly in my mind. Finally thank you for the privilege of orgasm during a session. Always a delight."

From R
June 2018

"While I hadn't planned on the session that occurred, I have never been one to really say no to something without trying it first.

Having dabbled in kink a little earlier in life I always wanted to do a little more, but finding the confidence to do so was difficult and finding the "right person" even more so.

Definitely not the case once we had started, only moments into the session and I felt oddly at ease with you! While I had a sense of nervousness, it was being replaced with... anticipation?

What was going to land next? Was I to be punished or rewarded? You struck an excellent balance and I thoroughly enjoyed every moment.

You asked me at the time what my highlight/s were and I couldn't identify on the spot, thinking back after allowing it to process, I believe I enjoyed the spitting more than I care to admit to myself and most certainly being restrained was amazing. Losing my own control and ceding it to you, placing the trust to you was difficult "inside myself", but that was not without reward and for that I thank you and now desire again.

I won't ramble on too much more, but I will never forget your unique scent. Even now I can recall the smoky oak and am immediately reminded of your cheeky-yet-authoritative figure."

From A
June 2018

"Tallula is original. Tallula is herself. Tallula is a person who is fascinating, intelligent and attractive.

This is not why you are reading this.

What you need to know is that Tallula is someone who you should approach carefully because irresistible sexual compulsion is something you should consider carefully even if you do want to discuss the finer points of Benjamin Britten's works or Grayson Perry's ouvre before/ after or during (that would be well perverse) orgasm.

Tallula is a pleasure that should reward you immensely."

From A
June 2018

"I had my first dominatrix session with Miss Tallula and certainly won’t be the last. She took her time at the start to get to know me and what made me tick. She had me eating out of the palm of her hand in no time at all. She is very professional and a pleasure to spend time with. Our session involved role play in which she caught a very naughty tradesmen sniffing her undies that were on the floor in the bedroom where he was working . Needless to say he paid a heavy price for his disgusting behaviour . All I will say on that is he was left with a very sour taste in his mouth and will think twice about doing it again .

Thank you Miss Tallula,  I am  privileged to now be able to call you my Mistress."

From S
May 2018

"I have been wanting to have a session with a very sexy tattooed Mistress for a while. I came across an ad for Miss Tallula and OMG she is so stunning her tattoos are amazing. I sent her an email, she answered my questions and she sounded super cool in the email.
I save up for the session as I wanted a Fisting Massage. I contacted Miss Tallula and made a booking, filling out her Booking Questions, in which I gave her lots of info about what I like and don’t like so she could set the mood of the session. When Miss Tallula answered the door she was even better in person. We sat down and spoke about the session, planned out how I would like it and then we started…

At the end I was in bliss, we finished the session and I relaxed on the table. My body had pins and needles all over, I get this feeling when I have a amazing anal stretching experience. I will be definitely coming back for another fisting session as well as a strap on session. If you love strap on play and have always dreamt about being fisted, she has very skilled hands and makes you feel relaxed and at ease. Do your self a favour whatever your kink contact Miss Tallula you will not regret it. 

I am looking forward to our next session.  

Thank you so much Miss Tallula."

From B
May 2018

"A prostate orgasm is one of the most intense sensations that a man is ever likely to experience. Miss Tallula was the ideal guide for me into this amazing world of pleasure. There are many who promise, but I can guarantee that Miss Tallula is one of the few truly skilled practioners in Australia."

I enjoyed the session with you last Wednesday night. I was very appreciative of the time you took to chat with me ahead of the session. I also liked the way you spent a few minutes doing some connected breathing with me, I think that helped to calm me down somewhat.

The rest of my stay in Canberra paled in comparison. I was hoping my meeting might have finished early so I could go to NGA to see the Cartier exhibition, but no such luck, perhaps another time. I haven’t been to GOMA to see the Patricia Puccinini exhibition yet, but it runs through until August.

From I
April 2018

"The way you were able to focus my attention and breathing was like a heightened meditation awareness, then those moments of anticipation of the whip was delightful.

Upon reflection the thing I liked the most was you holding space for me. You are a really good listener and it was so great to have someone I could tell everything to and be completely honest and not feel judged. It was also awesome to connect with someone as interesting as you. That’s really what I’m missing in my life at the moment and it was clarifying when I had that epiphany. :) 
thank you."

From S
November 2017

"A stylish, playful and responsive dominatrix

I recently had my first session with Mistress Tallula. After thoroughly talking through my desires and experiences she took command in a firm but responsive manner. Being English – like her – I chose a classic headmistress scenario that saw me placed over her knee for an extended spanking before she bent me over a stool and punished me with leather belts. Throughout she was attentive to my reactions and limits and she clearly enjoyed watching me squirm and hearing me moan at the harder impact strokes. I also really enjoyed the sensual aspects to the session, such as being allowed to kiss and suck her beautifully erect (and pierced) nipples and gaze on her gorgeous breasts. I was floating on air when I left after an intense and unhurried session."   

From D
October 2017

"I loved the fact that you took your time to penetrate me and taught me how to breathe into the experience. And I loved how you got aggressive and pummelled me towards the end. I also loved how you actively listened to what I wanted from the start and assured me the experience would be pleasurable and not painful. I love the fact that you knew from 5 minutes in that I would be a "pillow pusher" when I had no clue that I would.

I love the fact that you were gentle at the start and when I told you to go hard and rough you knew when and how.

It was unforgettable."

From N
March 2017

"Miss Tallula is a maestro of her art, majestically beautiful , stunningly intuitive and a dynamic force of nature.  I've had the delight of seeing her several times and each time has been a unique pleasure, surpassing any of my expectations.  Tallula and I started with extraordinary erotic massage sessions and, sensing my curiosity, she has carefully shepherded me to more adventurous encounters including roleplay, bondage and restraint, and including additional decadent dominants (of which I couldn’t recommend more strongly).

Our most recent time together involved sensory deprivation of which Miss Tallula once again proved to be extremely talented and insightful.  From the moment I was blindfolded, she created a passionate and vivid tactile-based world.  With my hearing covered and the addition of restraints, I was completely at her mercy, and her every whim was designed to thrill me in new and outrageous ways.  Tallula left no room for doubt, she already had my unwavering trust, and each moment was another wondrous sensation.

I cherish each visit with Tallula; she is as kind and generous as she is beautiful.  I could not recommend a better guide into exploration of kink than her.  And I hope to continue to see her for some time to come."

From T
May 2017

"If, like me, you've had an urge to 'try something different' and explore your kinkier side, then I can't recommend Miss Tallula more highly.

Although it was our first meeting, she put me completely at ease and made me feel instantly comfortable in her presence.

I'm rather new to this sort of thing, so I felt very relieved to be greeted by someone as charming, funny and engaging.

We spoke for a while about the type of session I wanted, and I could tell straight away that Tallula was engaged and keen to really explore the role play and fantasy I had in mind.

It was very clear that there is an authenticity to her sessions and she wanted to take the time to understand and co-create an experience that was totally to my liking.

I had chosen a 'naughty masseuse' theme and it was exceptional.   For starters, she has truly magic hands and I would have been happy to see her for her trigger point massage alone.

Needless to say, she then went on to deliver a very erotic prostate massage.    It was my first time trying something like this, but somehow Tallula made it feel comfortable, safe and very, very enjoyable. 

In a world where kink can seem pretty foreboding and serious, Tallula made if fun and playful.

She is a real piece of work, and a true work of art.  

I look forwards to seeing her again."

From S
October 2017

"Miss Tallula Darling is a most sensuous, delectable, intellectual and erotic delight. I saw her last week, and following some lovely banter about and tastings of peated Islay whisky's, for which Miss Tallula is an expert with some excellent recommendations, we then enjoyed some incredible roleplay. Miss Tallula sent me into a wild fantasy using her creative narratives, sent me back in time to school, slowly taunting me as she built up my excitement in preparation to be caned. Miss Tallula also pegged me for the first time, an experience which I will remember forever, and for which I crave as I write these words. I was afraid about being pegged, but Ms Darling used a subtle touch which made me only feel pleasure. I don't think I've ever cum so hard in my life.

I cannot recommend Miss Tallula enough, I hope she tours again to Melbourne. Between her delightful wit and laughter, and the intensity and mastery she brings to erotic dominance - I feel entranced and currently craving another dose of her pleasure."

From D
October 2017

"I was keen to see Miss Tallula not just because of her obvious charms but mostly because her online presences promised a bundle of mischief.  Spoiler alert: promise delivered!

An initial phone  conversation let me talk in general terms about my experience and interests and confirm we had some alignment.  In a further pre-session chat combining small-talk with more in-depth discussion let Miss Tallula tease out in more detail what I was looking for and where I might like to go.  My preference is to let things go with the flow rather than follow a list or script.  This worked for us.  Miss Tallula was definitely in delightful control, but she checked in periodically to make sure we were on the same page.

And my, were we.  One of the couple of things things I had asked for the session to concentrate on - it's best, I think, and we agreed, not to try to fit everything in a session - was pain play while I was retrained.  Miss Tallula was most expert and inventive with her hands and implements devices to bring me delights of enhanced and exquisite pleasures, ranging from gentle to my limits, and back.  And Miss Tallula certainly showed enjoyment at my gasps and struggles; causing pain for pleasure was, she said, one of her favourite things: and I believe it.  A fantastic session brought about by trusting in Miss Tallula's expertise and sense of wicked enjoyment.  I shall return!"

From T
December 2016

"I visited Ms Tallula and all times she was very professional and very easy to deal with. It was something new for me as I had never indulged in role play before and is generally something that I have struggled with in life.

When I arrived Miss Tallula was in “role” straight away.  The actuals details of the content of the session I will keep to my memories. Suffice to say that, the touching, the dirty talk, the breath upon my skin, caused at times me to have whole body reactions. Miss Tallula was able to build and create scenario of tease and expectation. When I turned over, I saw her magnificent body with those wondrous unique markings. The positioning of the mirrors in the room allowed me to see her physique from all angles and to take it all in.

When I orgasmed she continued the stimulation way past where many normally stop. Thereby, extending the pleasure for so much longer, sending my orgasm over the top.

What a “nice”, no, no, a “fucking wonderful” experience I had. 

Thank you Miss Tallula"

From E
April 2017

"Miss Tallula is very special. Stunning and extraordinary. From the moment I read her ad, I knew I could entrust her to guide me gently and well on my first journey into the world of BDSM. An incredible, hard-to-explain experience and one I can't wait to repeat! Thank you Miss Tallula. Until our next time."

From S
April 2017

"I love roleplay at the best of times and I love sexy lingerie so when I spoke to Tallula and heard what she had to offer I accepted on the spot. Taking up her offer to do a roleplay based on a dominant massage therapist (and qualified to do so to boot was a bonus) was incredible as i taken to a world where I had no idea where it was going to go next and that was exciting - the build up from therapy part of the role to sex was sensational then to have no control over how we would have sex was even better again (although I would have loved a face sit lol). 

But as a cleanskin having someone totally opposite in the beautifully tattooed Tallula added to the occasion and I can't recommend Tallula highly enough as someone who knows her craft in role play to match her undoubted sexiness. Can't wait to explore in many different ways in the future and neither should you.'

From N
December 2016

'Everything about my meeting with Miss Tallula Darling was beyond my desires.  She is a truly beautiful individual, making contacting and meeting her a comfortable and easy experience.  She is bewitchingly stunning and her masseuse skills are divinely gifted.

In every moment of our encounter Miss Tallula was an outstanding host, glowing with warmth and oozing sensuality.  Her gorgeous eyes and enticing posture remain devoted to you, giving you a sense that she is digesting everything you do and say and, but with the knowledge that she will devour you in many other ways.

My sensual massage session began and ended in true bliss, no slow build, no highs and lows, just a constant heightened ecstasy that she maintained through skill, experience and intuition.  Tallula’s expertise and training made the whole massage feel natural and fluid, I never felt like she was performing a routine or stepping through a checklist.  Every glancing touch, gentle stroke, firm knead and applied pressure was magically calculated to elicit her desired effect, and she never missed a beat.

I have never experienced such an amazingly sensual and erotic massage with such an exquisitely beautiful lady like Tallula before.  She is gifted with a true sense and desire to make you feel incredible, a sensation that stays with you for days after your encounter.  I have no doubt that time with Miss Tallula is a reward everyone should enjoy for themselves.'

From M&M
August 2016

"Tallula Darling is a Goddess!! Her incredible tattoos were what initially caught my eye and so my husband and I began the process to communicate with her and organise an exquisite encounter that completely surpassed my expectations. It was my birthday too and one that I will never, ever forget. Although we were both quite nervous to meet her, she immediately helped us to relax with her easy conversation and confident, cheeky personality. Her sex and body confidence was such a turn on...she oozed sensuality from the moment she took off her jacket and casually sat with us. Her gaze was electric and promised fun and mischief. Miss Tallula then joined us through an exciting erotic adventure, cleverly knowing when to take the lead and reading myself and my husbands needs intuitively. We never felt rushed. It was such a beautiful, sexy and special session which ended with a steamy hot bath, more champagne and relaxed, happy conversations. I can throughly recommend Tallula to any couples who want to experience a threesome and whether it's your first time or not, I can guarantee you wouldn't be disappointed."

From N
March 2017

"Miss Tallula is a maestro of her art, majestically beautiful , stunningly intuitive and a dynamic force of nature.  I've had the delight of seeing her several times and each time has been a unique pleasure, surpassing any of my expectations.  Tallula and I started with extraordinary erotic massage sessions and, sensing my curiosity, she has carefully shepherded me to more adventurous encounters including roleplay, bondage and restraint, and including additional decadent dominants (of which I couldn’t recommend more strongly).

Our most recent time together involved sensory deprivation of which Miss Tallula once again proved to be extremely talented and insightful.  From the moment I was blindfolded, she created a passionate and vivid tactile-based world.  With my hearing covered and the addition of restraints, I was completely at her mercy, and her every whim was designed to thrill me in new and outrageous ways.  Tallula left no room for doubt, she already had my unwavering trust, and each moment was another wondrous sensation.

I cherish each visit with Tallula; she is as kind and generous as she is beautiful.  I could not recommend a better guide into exploration of kink than her.  And I hope to continue to see her for some time to come."

From B
June 2016

"I have to admit there was an air of uncertainty around my session with Miss Tallula. I had struggled for a long time to find a mistress who could provide me with the session I truly craved. And that she did, she has a warm welcoming demeanor and is able to immediately switch between strict dominant and sensual caring play partner. 

I left my session Miss Tallula deeply satisfied and craving more. Would not think twice about visiting her again."

From A
March 2017

"It was delightful meeting you also you are definitely a beautiful mistress and devoted professional who took me on a journey outside my comfort zone and back and I throughly enjoyed it."

From A
December 2017

"The other day was amazing. Your adverts and profile don’t show just how much of a genuine and caring soul you are. Your beauty is of course evident but is amplified by your personality.

I did certainly enjoy seeing how far I could be pushed and did enjoy a few things that with time to consider may not of given a go, such as the spitting.

I will certainly look at at trying to get time with you again and maybe try something different depending on your thoughts etc.

Looking forward to seeing you again to push my boundaries or visit my deepest kinks."

From S
October 2017

"As a man in his thirties with Asperger’s, I have found it often very difficult express my sexuality without feeling afraid of ridicule and being discriminated, society often encourages men and women to seek perfection and look down on disabilities as faults and signs of imperfection, but with the help and kindness of wonderful sex workers such as Tallula, I have an opportunity to experience what it’s like to actually be with a woman in a sexual way and not face judgement or discrimination.
My meeting with Tallula was through a wonderful female double partner of hers. Through my meetings with her, she learned of a fear I had of people with tattoos because of an event in my life that sadly left a bad impression on me for many years. I had expressed that wanted to put my fear down for good and she suggested meeting Tallula and working with her. I was a tad nervous at first, but when I met Tallula face to face, I found her to be very charming, cute, kind and wonderful. I was met with sympathetic eyes and the face of an angel. Her body was very sexy and her tattoos added to the appeal.
It was an early Christmas present for me and what a sexy present it was! Two gorgeous beautiful women and I was their sole attention. I felt really happy that day.
I very much look forward to seeing Tallula again in the future and having some more lovely experiences and naughty fun with her."

From A
January 2017

"My partner & I, on holidays, decided to get up to mischief and found Ms Tallula. We loved her curvy tattooed look and extensive list of services. She was easy to communicate with via text and flexible with our booking. From the moment we arrived she made us feel comfortable, our first threesome together. In fact she really took the reigns and drove the whole session. She had a case full of toys, which she was keen to use on me and jumped right into exploring my partners fetishes. I would definitely recommend Tallula if you're a beginner couple or looking to explore the realms of BDSM with someone passionate and experienced."

From K
July 2016

"Amazing! That's the only word to describe Miss Tallula and the time spent with her. She truly enjoys her job and is a professional in what she does. I was transported to a place never imagined before and it's all thanks to her. Will definitely be seeing her sooner rather than later."