FIRST BLOG- Recently returned from a whirlwind trip around the world and excited to session!

I went away for 5 weeks and managed to fit in time on 3 continents during this period and now I have returned to Australia to lush out in the deliciousness of spring.

I am hugely grateful to the plethora of people I met and interacted with and the beautiful new clients I have made whilst away from Sydney. There were hilarious moments, beautifully curated sensual domination moments, chivalry both from me and towards me and lots of adventure and excitement with fellow co workers. I sat for a 9 hour tattoo and discovered my new favourite whiskey. I went to many amazing art shows (Gosh I love Mark Rothko), cabaret and camped in the woods exploring seedy bath houses.

I have many, many new toys to play with for people of all genders, ages and sexes and I simply cannot wait to play with them with lovers now I am back in the antipodes. I also have a huge amount of latex to wear in session.

I will be away on tour every other week from now on, now that I have finished my Personal Training studies so if you are a lover or client from interstate I cannot wait to share more time with you. 

I will be travelling internationally very intermittently for the next 12 months so if you are an international admirer please do get in contact with me directly.

More photos from my bounty of toys soon

Miss Tallula Darling

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