corporal punishment roleplay

Punished for your inappropriate behaviour through spanking, whipping and caning


Role plays are truly my favourite, I come into my own when I get to be creative with my subject matter. We get to explore things which are taboo, edgy and divisive in role plays and allow ourselves to experience things which we keep to darkest fantasies.

Recently I was fortunate to have a client who gave me full control of content for our hour long role play. This man, like many who I work with, is in a position of some power and wanted to submit authority to me, to allow another person to choose his fate for an hour.

As an ardent feminist I often really enjoy creating feminist role plays which allow us to discover and reinterpret gender and privilege and therefore I choose to explore sexual misconduct and inappropriate behaviour. As someone who has grown up in a feminine body there have been many times in which males have used power dynamics to make me feel uncomfortable. This role play allowed us both to examine what it would be like if those who feel like they have been treated inappropriately due to their gender were able to speak up and have their voices heard and understood. My client was more than willing to explore this with me, I feel very fortunate that I have clients who are able to examine how their position in society benefits them and how they can be more accountable. A small section of my what happened in our booking together can be found below.

I have summoned you to see me. You don't entirely know why you are here but as the union liaison officer you believe it might be a staff dispute. 

I close the door behind you, I walk around you slowly observing your body. Multiple times.

I look you in the eyes and ask you if you have any idea why you have been sent too see me? I watch you stumbling over an answer. I think it is dawning on you that there must have been a large complaint against you.

I list a number of names, I watch your eyes darting around the space. Again I ask if you know why you have been summoned to see me.

I tell you, 'you have been accused of sexual misconduct around the office, of staring at people inappropriately and of dropping things on the floor so that female members of staff have to pick them up for your entertainment'

At first I notice you try to deny these accusations, but then I sense you realise that you won't be leaving this room without an admission and punishment. Both of these peak my interest and terrify you.

I am someone who is renown for enjoying rules and discipline. I also have an obsession with prime numbers. We have spoken before on my enjoyment of these so when I command you to lean over my lap and ask you to tell me a prime number above the number 19 you know you are in for a series of spanking. When you tell me 21, the punishment begins, for of course 21 is divisible by 7. You should know this as a boss. You then pick 29 and I get the joy of telling you that we will be having sets of spankings in prime numbers up to the number 29, this will take some time and you will count each spank and thank me for every one.

In between sets I recount what the other female workers have said of you. How you are always looking at them in their tight skirts when they collecting items from the printer and photocopier. The admissions begin falling out of your mouth like a gush of water over a waterfall. You adore their bodies, you want to devour them. I then show you how short my skirt is and how low my top can be. You can look but you can't touch and for every inappropriate stare you are punished with a piece of equipment of my choice (I adore when a client tells me that they can be marked). Which are the toys of most pleasure for me? Whips, canes and floggers. Occasionally a tawse or two. 

I tell you that if you receive the corporal punishment of my most flexible and painful whip that you, unfortunately I am a hard hand and you do not get the reward this time of an orgasm. But you can take more from a crop and a cane. I squeeze your arse after a hard beating and the warmth from it brings me immense joy and a slight wince to your face. The redness of your arse brings a sense of intense pleasure to my heart, after a through beating I allow you to achieve climax, with me towering over you as you do so. You have followed my instructions clearly and avoided further punishment and I know it will bring me great enjoyment when I recount this act of repentance to the women in the office.

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