Beg Me For It!

I take great, unprecedented joy in making you beg me for it. Whether that be your orgasm as I’ve edged you during the session, the spanking you may more may not deserve, which therefore may or may not be punishment or to touch me or move during the session.

Begging and pleading are a huge soft spot for me, I want you to beg with sincerity crescendoing with “can I cum Mistress” as I deny you your most pressing desire. I love to deny you until I feel you deserve it or it pleases me to gift you your desire.

What will you do for me to show me that you are well behaved enough to deserve your pleasure, be that my touch or the feeling of the violet wand on your skin? Did you move without asking me? Are you a fidgeter? Did you not look at me whilst you were talking to me? Did you not perform your required task in a satisfactory manner? I wish the best from those seeking time with me and through me you will grow to be a more intuitive, concentrated and attentive player.

When you beg me and look into my eyes pleadingly I feel the electric charge of authority surge from my toes to my cranium. I momentarily reflect on your behaviour and let you wait for my answer. Do you think you deserve your what you desire? Are you listening carefully to yourself and your body? Are you flexing and bending to my commands? How do you think you fair?

I might just have to keep you waiting a while longer…