Gender Play- from exploring Lingerie and Lipstick to Lewd acts

Satin or silk, pink or puce, lipstick or lingerie- I adore exploring cross dressing, gender play with everyone from those who have not ventured down this path before to those who live life in the genders which they were not assigned at birth.

There are so many scenarios and avenues to explore. 

Perhaps you have always wanted someone to do your make up for you but you have not felt comfortable asking. I trained as a make up artist (and an architect) before training as a Mistress and will gladly show you how to apply the correct hue of lipstick to plumpen your lips, or tell you how to match your eyeshadow to your eye colour. Maybe you want to watch me apply my make up, sitting so close to me that you can hear my breath and see the precision with which I apply my eye liner, making it feel like I am creating a painting with a paint brush.

Maybe you have never seen your legs in stockings, felt yourself up in lacey panties, or just stared at yourself from behind in hold ups with a long seem, showing off your favourite ass-et.

Perhaps you always wanted to dress up for Mistress in your most slutty of outfits, one which is entirely see through and shows off your tiny, slutty g-string underwear and little padded bra?Showing off all your cleavage and your arse, which you wanted to have ruined? 

I adore role plays, exploring the boundaries of masculinity and femininity (for they are entirely constructed) and aim to create spaces which enable a breadth of compassion and excitement in which we can both truly grow into the greatest essence of ourselves.

Come and explore with me, why don't you?

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