Multi Mistress, Multi Fun, Multi Slave Parties- DominaParties and why I am a part of them

Brisbane- Mistress Penelope, Mistress Ophelia and I are are coming for you

A brief history of why I love Domina Parties

I came from a house of domination, I started working within the BDSM scene in a community environment, where I could bounce ideas off other workers, where I often worked with another Mistress (sessions with two Mistresses are commonly called doubles). I enjoyed the community aspect of work, I learnt a great deal and enjoyed being able to provide clients with skills or areas which the other Mistress specialised in.

When I began working independently I missed this comraderie, therefore when Mistress Penelope asked if I wished to join Domina Parties, a Multi Mistress, Multi Slave Play Parties I jumped at the idea. The initial play party I participated within was in with Mistress Penelope and Mistress Salem and I loved it, I felt like I was back at the house of domination but with more slaves and in a more supportive environment. I witnessed a playfulness amongst Mistress Penelope and Mistress Salem that I found infectious, we tried things in combinations I had not tried before and I was hooked. I have participated in 5 parties since then, all in Sydney and tomorrow will be the first time I will be participating in a Domina Party in Brisbane, Queensland.

Here is an exclusive preview of an interview that will be released on the Domina Party website soon, in which Domina Parties asked me why I enjoyed the parties…

Domina Parties You are known for taking (and sharing) pleasure in the sensual and erotic in life, from art to whisky to food. What drew you to becoming involved with Domina Parties Australia?

Miss Tallula Public play is so wonderfully delicious, how could you turn an opportunity to work with some of your favourite Dominants down? When working independently one doesn’t have as many opportunities bounce ideas off one another mid scene, the cackles that can happen, the unexpected twists, the ganging up on clients and the joyful co-creation that working in multitude can bring. I have enjoyed playing with other dominants who I have not had the opportunity to work with before. Everyone has a niche and a speciality and a flair in their work and you can create some chaoticness which I really enjoy. Mistress Penelope was one of the first people I met when I joined this industry in an Professional Development Awareness Training for working with people with disabilities and I knew that we would get along and when I was given the opportunity to work with her and others, I jumped at the opportunity.

The rest of the interview will be updated on the Domina Party website shortly.

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