Berlin Filled Latex Dreams, New Outfits and Immersive Session Experiences

Sweaty Dreams are Made of These

I have had some truly wonderful latex bookings whilst abroad and since I returning to Sydney.

My latex wardrobe has grown extensively in the last 12 months and I simply adore the feeling of rubber on my skin, the tightness, the restriction, the feeling of encapsulation as I zip up the zipper or release as I let it down. Few things feel as fetishistic in my mind. 

For some time I have been working gestaltly, creating sessions and encounters which are about total immersion. From dinner dates in which I tell you where we are going, how many times to chew your food, when to swallow, what whiskey we shall be drinking, to controlling your hearing with music in headphones in session, blindfolding and restraining you, controlling the scents and smells in the room. To mummification and electroplay. Total immersion. Total surrender. Total control.

Adding to my rubber collection is a further step into total immersion. You are restrained and I am willfully out of reach and cocooned in a delicious sheet of rubber from foot to head. It glistens and gleans and warrants your attention but stray too far or don't obey my touch and that will be the last you see or feel or enjoy for the period whilst you are under my control.