First steps in booking a session with me, what to expect.

Have you been staring at my photos online for a few months?

Do you feel intimidated by the concept of booking a session with me? 

Have you wondered what meeting me would be like?

Perhaps if I demystify part of this experience you will feel more confident in coming to me with your deep-seated desires and fantasies.

I now have an optional online booking system, this allows you to book an appointment with me without having to communicate with me directly if that is how you prefer to schedule appointments. The advantage of this online booking form is that you can take as long as you would like to consider your responses and communicate and clarify what you are wanting to explore with me. Furthermore this form also allows you to fill out the associated questionnaire about exactly what you are wanting to explore and experience with me and covers areas such as health and wellbeing, equipment and touch and sensitivity amongst other areas. I have recently added an additional text box which is called “Further questions” which allows you to ask any questions of me. As stated this is optional and I am still available by phone for the foreseeable future and you can also email me with queries.

Fear not however, I am not a mistress who revels in a deep D/S power dynamics or ritualisation, these are things I deeply appreciate, however this is not how I play. I aim to create a nurturing atmosphere which enables you to feel comfortable in stating your desires. If you have filled out the online questionnaire we will still have a discussion when you arrive, we are evolving humans and perhaps at this time you are jubilant or nervous, both of these will affect how we play and I want to be aware of your limits as they are now, not as they were when you made the appointment. I will want to know if you have eaten that day, have you had any water (on that note, it’s important to turn up to every appointment having eaten and drunk water to ensure your blood sugars are up and you are hydrated)? Let’s go over if you have any additional injuries or did you forget to tell me about any of the medications you are on? 

For us to relax into rapport we need some time to feel into each others presence and this time at the beginning is for you to ask me any additional questions you might have forgotten to state earlier and to leave the busyness of the day behind you and to drop into a deeper experience. Once we have negotiated the scene and we are both comfortable we will drop into the play space and bring your fantasy to life. It will be both deeper and more enjoyable than you imagined, and will leave you heaving, breathless and ready to bend and extend the fantasy the next time we see each other.

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