Panty Sniffing Role Play full of humiliation and degradation

I need my telephone and internet cable fixing and TPG has sent out a technician. One of the main sockets for this is in my bedroom so I show you to where the socket is and go to get you a glass of water. When I return I find you down on the ground sniffing my underpants. I feel violated. Yes perhaps my room should have been tidier but you do not expect a personal violation of this type to happen you at home.

The technician seems utterly shocked, caught red handed and begins to turn maroon in the face. He stutters an apology. He does not look me in he eye as he says this. Mortified and angered I tell him to apologise properly or I shall inform his employers. At this stage he is begging me to not call his boss as he fears he will loose his job. He asks what he can do to make it up to me? Speechless my mind whirs into action and I tell him that there will need to be a reckoning between us and that he will have to utterly humiliate himself if he wants to save his job.

First things first, I think he would look throughly ridiculous in my panties, not because everyone of every gender should not wear panties, but instead because they will be far too small for him. I request him to strip sexily for me. This is also one of my favourite activities, I want to see people get their hips moving, loosen the hips and engage the pelvic area. Of course he fails abysmally to do this. No flourishes, no pointed sultry stares, no moments in which he stops in acknowledgment of the performance or to let me know that he knows I am watching. There is little treat at the end of the undressing. This man is in chastity. I adore chastity. Lock him up!

Beneath the chastity device is a, tiny, micropenis. I am surprised there is even a chastity device that fits a penis that small. I too am learning something today. I slap his chest and begin spanking his bottom, as punishment for his lack of poise, sexiness and authenticity bare bottom spanking was administered.

There was plenty of degradation and humiliation. For being a pervert and having a teeny weeny penis throughout this entire ordeal

Then I moved on to the fisting part of the session. However it wouldn't be a good fisting session without some added humiliation. I always travel with some gender play clothing. This time with some red glittery heels. These of course made your feet look minuscule adding to your small penis humiliation fantasy. I really enjoy fisting and you had told me that you hadn't been fisted in some time, therefore of course it did disappointment me that my small delicate fists did not quite make it deeply into your arse, no matter how much spit I used to lube up my hand, his arsehole was just too tight. Not only that, but you had not given yourself an enema before we met with one another. How disgusting and more humiliation around that fact continued.

Just before you left, I felt peckish and decided that you would make a wonderful piece of human furniture (one of my many loves), a table, so I ate some of my food resting my stockinged feet on your back. Any food I decided I did not like, I fed to you so you could eat it out of the dog bowl. Delicious morsels included a chilli, tuna brine and yesterdays unfinished Malaysian food and rice. He was lucky to even be able to spend any time with me at that stage. 

I found out at the end of this session that apparently this is not the first time the panty sniffing culprit had been found and punished for this behaviour. I imagine this will not be his last. I thought he deserved no kindness and therefore sent him away covered in spit and lube.