Panty Sniffing Role Play full of humiliation and degradation

Panty Sniffing Role Play full of humiliation and degradation

Mortified and angered I tell him to apologise properly or I shall inform his employers. At this stage he is begging me to not call his boss as he fears he will loose his job. He asks what he can do to make it up to me? Speechless my mind whirs into action and I tell him that there will need to be a reckoning between us and that he will have to utterly humiliate himself if he wants to save his job.

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Fantasised about a Chastity session? My favourite! Introductory session details

Dreaming of Chastity? Me too (they're my favourite). Details of my an introductory Chastity session

Chastity- the state or practice of refraining from sexual intercourse and genital arousal. This can be an entry for those wishing to experience cuckolding and coaxed/forced bisexuality sessions. This often involves stimulating the person in chastity and not allowing them to achieve orgasm (or at least, not until the very end).

The details below are from a session which I conducted with a client (no personal details have been shared) and we both had a wonderful time. I shall post his review of the session shortly.

The chastised

You admit that you are nervous. You say you have never seen a professional before, it's always been a fantasy but something that you haven't built up the courage to pursue until now. 

You have told me your hard limits, you do not want pain or intense humiliation or blood, but otherwise you are open to explore.

The groundwork is laid, our session commences.

You lie down. You have never been restrained before, now you feel a mixture of apprehension and arousal as your eyes are covered by a blindfold and your mouth is silenced with a gag. Your arse propped up, you lying on your back, exposed. Your cock tied up. When it came to put the cock cage on at the beginning you were already too hard for me to do this, you now realise why Mistress asked you to arrive caged.

Headphones are placed on your ears, now all you can hear is a gangbang, which you can't see and you become harder and harder. Occasionally the blindfold is removed from your eyes and you can watch a plethora of bodies revelling in one another. The blindfold is returned. You experience moments of vibrations on your cock and balls, these increase and decrease, you never know when the touch of a hand, the touch of a vibrator of the touch of a cool implement will enliven you...

The Dominant


We speak at some length about your desires, your specific form of erotic fascination. I talk you through some of the things we will explore together. If you have never seen me, and particularly any professionals which deal with power dynamics, I want to ensure that you understand that I am not here to live out my desires to your detriment. I want you to communicate with me, to let me know if you are in discomfort, your toes curling could mean pleasure or pain and I ask you to communicate with me throughout the experience we are creating together. I appreciate your honesty and willingness to connect and be vulnerable with me.

The scene

You do not own a chastity device. In our introduction, you have told me of your experience with cuckolding (as both the Cuck and the Dominant), I find it fascinating that you have not experienced wearing a chastity device before despite this being such a erotic centrepiece for you. Alas you were too aroused to place the cock cage on, we shall have to save this for another session.

We begin by you becoming blindfolded. Loosing your dominant sense can do so much to heighten all other senses. I ensure I check your breathing, touch your chest to feel your breath. I tie your hands down to the table. I gag you and tell you how to indicate with your hands that you need things to change. stop, be different or to communicate with me.

I place headphones on your ears, the soundtrack of a gangbang to titillate whilst you are immobile. I see your breathing become more shallow. I spit on your cock, you thrive and writhe. Occasionally I pull up the blindfold and let you look at the images on the screen. Whatever will happen next...

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