A room mate role play- spanking and wooden paddle session

A room mate role play- spanking and wooden paddle session

Brat vs Domme

Yet again you have left the apartment unclean. Many times in the past you have said that you ‘would work on being tidier’, ‘tidy up after yourself’ or that ‘women should do the tidying’ and this time I have had enough.

You return from university and I tell you to sit down, I have some things to say to you. You look surprised. You can tell that I feel frustrated. You sit down but you protest a little ‘what is this all about?’ I tell you that you have already had your final warning and that I am now asking you to move out. You protest telling me that you ‘have nowhere else to go’. We have been over this so many times and then you add ‘really it is a woman’s job to do the cooking and the cleaning, my mum always does this.’ You know that this will infuriate me. Not only am I not your mother, or carer but you are an adult and having these very misogynistic ideas and vocalising them is disrespectful.

I tell you that if you want any chance of being able to stay in this apartment together that you will have to receive some punishment and that this will remind you whenever you are untidy or, as I see it, selfish with your behaviour around the house, that there are consequences to your actions. You look apprehensive but you acknowledge that you are not in a position of power to say no to me.

I tell you to undress and return to see me. You look shocked but you acquiesce. When you return I am sitting down and beckon you to lie over my knee. This is when the spanking begins. I do not give you a warm up, you do not deserve one, I want you to feel this for the upcoming days as a reminder of your selfish behaviour. I spank you one spank for every minute I have had to tidy up after you in the last month. More than 200 spanks. You count each one. You tell me you can’t feel the spanking, I send you off to the naughty corner to think about your behaviour, spanking you every time you answer back or speak when you are not spoken too, or turn around to stare at me. We return to the over the knee position, for some more through and harder spankings.

Again you are acting like a brat so I put you in the corner and this time I stuff my underpants in your mouth so you can’t answer back. I also tell you that if you continue to act in an insolent manner it will be a bar of soap that I replace the underwear with.

Now I think your arse and my hand are looking red enough, I move onto the heavy wooden paddle. You begin to squirm under the thwack of the paddle. You cannot say anything due to being gagged by my underwear but you squirm and wriggle and now I know that your arse will be sore for days. I also tell you that I will tell all of our university friends about you taking a spanking and all the squealing if you do not being to tidy up in the future.

This should be a lesson that you do not forget…

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