A naughty school boy role play- featuring spanking, caning and humiliation

A naughty school boy role play

featuring spanking, caning and humiliation

You’ve been sent to my office for some discipline and you have heard from the other students that I am not a soft touch.

You arrive at my office and you are stand offish, you won’t look me in the eye when I am talking to you, I despise this. You state that you ‘do not know why you have been sent to me’. We both know that is a lie. I tell you that you are going to be severely punished unless you can come clean to me about your behaviour. You don’t, I can feel the temperature of the room rise with each second you keep up your denial.

I tell you that I have heard reports from the other school girls that you have been trying to look up their skirts or dresses in the playground. You look nervous, your eyes dart away from me and I look you straight in the eye and tell you to come clean. You look away and admit that you have been trying to look up girls skirts. Again I tell you to look at me when you are talking to me. I tell you how awful it is to make people feel uncomfortable and sexualised, that these people did not like you doing that, which you knew as they told you. I tell you that your behaviour selfish and that you followed your desires despite their lack of consent. I tell you that I am going to make you feel uncomfortable to give you a taste of your own medicine.

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You have heard the rumours that I have a tawse, cane, wooden spoon, a ruler and a paddle in the discipline and detention room. I lead you there and tell you that I am warming you up for at least 60 strokes of the cane. First I warm you up with some light spanking, moving on to heavier and heavier handed spanks. You wriggle, so I restrain your thumbs together to stop you from fidgeting (another thing I cannot stand). I tell you that I am going to give you 10 hard spankings for every girl who has reported your behaviour to me, 6 in total, leading to 60 hard handed spanks, which I dish out in rounds of 10. You wince and I make you count each spank and say the lines ‘thank you mistress, I will not do this again’.

Then we move onto the wooden spoon, interspersed with the tawse and the paddles (one leather and one rubber), a wooden ruler and a rubber spatula. I like to keep my punishees on their toes, guessing as to what tool I will be wielding next. When I can tell that your arse has been throughly warmed up (looking a blushing red), I lead you over to one of the desks in the discipline room and I tell you that you are going to write lines as a punishment and also that you are going to write an apology letter to all the girls who you have made to feel uncomfortable. You end up writing a full page which states ‘I will not look up girl’s skirts anymore’.

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This is followed by a letter which states: 

‘Dear Girls

I am very sorry for trying to look up your dresses during break time.  Know it was wrong and it made me feel upset an uncomfortable. It was very bad behaviour and I won’t ever do it again.

I’m sorry if I hurt your feelings. The headmistress is giving me a severe punishment so I will remember not to do it again.


role play, school boy, age play, apology letter

When I felt you had throughly ruminated on your behaviour I decided to give you the last and most harsh part of the punishment, the cane. I brandished 5 different canes, from crooked handled to straight canes from thin to thick. I worked you over at first lightly tapping your arse and then moving onto firmer and firmer strokes. I wanted you to feel and remember the discomfort you brought on others, every time you sat down for the rest of the week. Needless to say, you had some wonderful tiger stripe bruises by the time I had finished working you over (I gave you more than the 60 strokes I had originally suggested as I thought it was appropriate due to your continued poor behaviour.

I hope that I do not have to see you back in the office again soon.

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