Sensory Depravation and the joys of the Blindfold

The blindfold is simply one of my most favourite tools in my chest of depravity. So simple and yet hugely elegant. Curtailing our most dominant sense allows us to explore the plethora of sensations we gain from others at much greater detail and with further nuance.

Maybe allowing your hearing to take a more dominant narrative in your internal monologue will enable you to become more concentrated. Reaching a greater sub space than you would have imagined. Could it bring you into the most present state you can be to explore your boundaries and what makes you become unravelled.

Your sense of touch becomes electric, you await what could be my set of nails across your stomach, a squeezing of the balls or a Wartenberg Wheel to your nipples and this sense of adrenaline makes you excited and somewhat breathy.

You will have no idea what is coming next, could it be the tweak of a nipple (oh how I love nipple play), the light stroke of a flogger on your rump or shoulder, the swoosh of the cane? Perhaps I'll wander around you as I breath into your ears, move your head, tilt your chin or spit on the nape of your neck (all consensual of course).

I particularly like the blindfold I have purchased from MannHaus which is made of soft supple leather and has delicious black sheeps wool on the inside. Needless to say, you are not going to be seeing anything unless I want you to!

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