WAM BAM Thank you Miss Tallula- Sploshing Dreams

Delicious, delectable and truly scrumptious, what is more multi sensory than sploshing?

This is truly one of my first and favourite kinks. It ticks all my boxes. It is a play on all the senses. Want to come on a sensory adventure with me?

Sensation analysis:-

Taste- Maybe you are a savory queen or you have a sweet tooth? Maybe you want to be fed on my lap and discover the joy of slowly eating, I can dictate how many times you chew and you can savour in all of the flavours? Maybe you want to eat food off me or someone else? Try that combination of flavours you always thought would be too much? Maybe you want a human sushi platter? Maybe every surface is tarped and you have a different feeding station in every corner of the room just waiting to be squashed beneath my toes and eaten off my foot?

Sight- it is colourful, I have created sessions in which I made multiple batches of different coloured icing to roll around with clients and lovers (see photo attached to this post), covered them in sprinkles (which can make for a wonderful forced massage, think of all the gritty little pieces). Any colour you can splosh with. Do you want to paint on me? Or have me turn you into a delightful piece of edible artwork? Jackson Pollock or Mondrian, you take your pick. Perhaps today is the day you want to see what you would look like all in red? Or neon green?

Touch- Have you always wanted to wrestle me in cake? Maybe cheese cake? Or maybe you want someone to give you a body slide when they're slathered in avocados? Maybe you always wanted to be pressed against a wall in a shower whilst someone pours whipped cream over you and sings you a song? Every sensation, hard, soft, comforting, shocking (think ice cold champagne to the face) can be lived through sploshing.

Smell- perhaps you always wanted to discover what a whole bath of chocolate custard would smell like as it is poured on you from above? Or you have never smelt how good a room is when it is full of mangoes which have just been squashed beneath your feet (on a tarp of course). Or maybe you want to be blindfolded as I feed you different foods, slowly with intention before smothering you in some of them?

Sound- Have you ever had a food fight with someone? Listened to the way pomegranates sounded as you pinned someone down and squeezed pomegranate seeds and juice down there chin? As you opened a jar of fresh olives to see how many you could stuff in someones mouth? As you break twenty kit kats on someones thighs?

Sploshing is my ultimate love. It is silly, ultimately ridiculous and decadent. I love it so much that my next birthday will be a sploshing related party in which guests have a food fight. There's nothing more silly and fun and sexy than being silly and eating. What more could I ask for? I think you should indulge yourself and discover the joys of sploshing with me!

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