Female Supremacy a Role Play Romance.

Role plays, nothing gets me going like them. They are the activity I most enjoy within BDSM. Their breath, scope, imagination, sensitivity. I revel in the vulnerability that they can bring.

I feel honoured when someone comes to me with a role play which allows them to explore a part of themselves which they do not often shed light on. When they come to me with things which they might feel ashamed or vulnerable around. Which perhaps they have NEVER spoken to anyone about before. 

I want to create that moment with you.

Last week I was given the opportunity to dive into a taboo ritualistic role play with a client who later told me that no one makes him feel as accepted and himself as I do. Here is some of what we explored together...

You have been to see me before, it is almost as though you have not learnt your lesson. We will run through some of the same activities but this time the punishment will be more severe. Most appallingly, you have been returned to me for punishment for a continuation of your bad behaviour. I shall endeavour to ensure that these behaviours cease once and for all.

The ladies at the office have yet again complained to me that your wandering eyes, hands brushing of their breasts and attempts to grope them have continued. I accuse you of this, at first you deny the charges and tell me that 'you have been very good' and then admit that perhaps your behaviour has actually remained as consistently bad as before.

I'm wearing a very tight dress, the chiffon material over my breasts is quite see-through and you can tell that I am not wearing a bra. You are staring again and this gives me the perfect amount of time take your hands and tell you that I am going to restrain you for the duration of our time together. But first I will make you do a strip tease for me, allow you to feel into your body and become more embodied through dancing. You do not disappoint me, although you say you have not done this before (such a good boy), I want you to feel my penetrating stare.

After all of your clothes have been removed, I collar you. I look deeply into your eyes as I do this, I pull your head around a little to remind you of your place beneath me. I place handcuffs on you and padlock them, no wondering hands today. You struggle, I chain your hands behind your back on and then chain these chain to your collar. This is an anti wanking device after all and now your hands are behind your back and I can use you how I want.

We are going to try exposure therapy to see if you can get used to breasts, my breasts are released from my tight, chiffon top, I sit right in front of you, breasts at eye level. You stare, I stare at you, you want to touch them, I can feel it, but if you do, you will fall forward as you are on your hands and knees, with your hands chained behind your back. I put on my strap on and tell you that I am going to make you suck my cock, make you gag whilst also telling you that you are both a disgusting man and a very good boy, depending on how well you take my cock. I want you to feel violated like you have made all the ladies in the office feel but I also know you want to suck my cock, you don't refuse it but suck with great gusto. Such a good boy.

I decide to introduce an Over The Knee (OTK) Spanking to teach you a lesson. You have to manoeuvre around the hands so that they are now held at the front of you. You have no hands to balance so this spanking is both degrading and off kilter. After I deliver a through work over of your backside, it is time to take you to the shower for a scrub down, to try to rid you of some of your foul behaviour.

In the shower I tell you that if you do no piss all over yourself, that I will piss on you. You get stage fright so I releve myself all over your cock, only then do you manage to piss on yourself. I then proceed to scrub you with the scrubbing brush I have commanded you bring especially. I scrub you all over and tell you you have to become a 'good boy' for Mistress and improve your behaviour at the office or you will be returned for more ferocious punishment.

I shall not reveal all of the details of the session, needless to say there was a great amount of apology, pleading, further apologising, a little bit of smoothering breast worship, a ruined orgasm (I was informed by the submissive that he could last 3 minutes of post orgasm torture, he lasted less than 30 seconds) and a cathartic release. 

Thank you S for trusting me, for having such a wonderful role play to explore and for returning so that we can continue to strengthen our bond and our story can continue to an even greater depth. I truly appreciate our meetings and hope that we can continue to explore your taboos, interests and kinks for a long time.

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